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Sam Lopes Soccer Leadership Academy at Providence College
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"As the leader of the program, he has transformed PCWS on & off the field.  Of the field he holds each individual accountable for the responsibility to represent the program with dignity, maturity, and pride while on the field he challenges and pushes each individual to develop and grow every day because as each individual gets better the team gets better.  His knowledge, passion, and drive are just a few of the qualities that make him a great coach.  Whether it's formations, styles, players positions, player personalities or overall game management, he's knowledgeable of when and how to do it. He's passionate to be the best at whatever he does and that attitude translates to his players.  He is driven to be the best as he drives his players to be the best. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had him as my coach."
- Catherine Zimmerman - Providence College 16’ & Skyblue FC (NWSL) Professional Player

"Sam is a very knowledgeable and passionate coach. His extensive soccer mind challenges players to develop their soccer skills in physical, technical, and tactical areas. Avoiding complacency, Sam pushes individuals to become better soccer players on the field, and better people off the field."- Jenna Roncarati - Providence College 13’

“Sam Lopes has remarkable intelligence and passion for the game, which translates into everything he does both on and off the field. The contagious enthusiasm he expresses every day makes players WANT to become better and fall in love with the game more every day. Sam’s character, credibility, integrity, and vision motivate his players and solidify their commitment to the team. His constant reminder to “maximize TODAY” and fall in love with “the process” reinforces each player to make the most use of their time and their individual talents, while having the vision in mind. He has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in his players, and I feel fortunate I had the opportunity to be coached by such an inspiring and passion leader. True leaders know it’s never about them and he is willing to do everything in order to better himself as a coach and leader, but more importantly to better his players and to elevate the team’s performance."
- Monique LaMotte - University of New Hampshire 13’

“Playing for Sam was an unbelievable experience. Even only being fortunate enough to have him as a coach for one season, it was an unforgettable one. His knowledge, determination and passion for the game are second to none. I strongly believe that our season would not have been as successful without his coaching abilities and new dynamics that he brought to the team every day and each game. Sam has brought a new attitude to the team and I am excited to see what the future holds.”
- Taylor Bartini - Providence College 12’

“I have had many great coaches over the course of my soccer career, and I can say with certainty that Sam was one of the best. His love for the game and creative ideas helped him immediately earn the respect of the team and allowed him to make a direct impact on our soccer program. Sam’s extensive knowledge of the game and natural coaching ability helped move the program to the next level. I was privileged to have played for Sam I know I am a better player and person because of the experience I have had with Sam as my coach.”
- Courtney Collins - Providence College 12’

“Despite only having Sam as a coach for one season, he made an immediate impact on my career, standing out as one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. Although, not a goalkeeper coach, his immense knowledge about the entire game and passion for sharing such knowledge helped me to develop into a more well rounded player and person with aspirations of becoming a coach myself.”
- Caitlin Walker - Providence College 12’

“Sam’s passion for the game and the players on the team was probably the biggest reason I enjoyed playing for him. He was committed and dedicated while always making time for players to help them develop and improve. His availability was there off the field too; from school to family related situations, he was always willing to assist and help us in all aspects.”
- Gina DellaRose - Southern Connecticut State University 11’

“What impressed me when playing for Sam was how motivating he was. He had high expectations but I knew he believed I could do it. His words and body language gave me confidence even when I doubted myself.”
- Erin (O’Grady) Gatto - Syracuse University 01’ / New England Mutiny 07-08’